Akasa AK-178-BL blue cold cathode light

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AK-178-BL blue cold cathodes pack lights up your case and gives your PC more style. The inverter allows for 1 or 2 cold cathode case lights in your PC.


- Blue cold cathode case light.
- Inverter for 1 or 2 cold cathode case lights.
- On/off switch.
- 4mm lo-power tube, only 3 watts.
- Tool free installation.

Simply cool thing. My black box now looks very futuristic and somehow … mysterious:) Thanks to the guys from Acme! Great job:)
I returned this item as it was not in working condition. I will never buy any crap like this anymore. I’d better have a Mac with no need for such “improvements”.
I am a hardcore overclocker and PC mod enthusiast. I bought this light for my next project. Hope that I will make my box look like the Enterprise spaceship from Star Trek:)
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